Creative solutions offer new interpretations, challenge the status quo and defy convention.
Because innovation doesn’t mean doing the same old things in different ways, it means doing something entirely new.

Lancio worldwide Pirelli PZero a Estoril, Aprile 2016

Lancio worldwide Pirelli PZero a Estoril, Aprile 2016


From the small to the XXL – whether we are organizing an audience with the Pope for a million people,
or the opening of a new bank with 150 guests, in any event our desire to excel remains the same.



Bresso airport was transformed to host the World Family Day 2012 in one of Newtonlab’s most complex projects to date.

7 months of planning, project development, site preparation to adapt the venue, concept and design for the staging area and artistic direction for the event itself.


When your campaign takes to the road, it pays to be efficient, working quickly and effectively within a tight schedule.
The secret? Planning, teamwork, flexibility, problem-solving. Without ever losing sight of the budget.


Launch event and showroom promoting the new product range in the Rome. The tour reached its final destination at the Fuorisalone in Milan Design Week 2016. Activation at each destination with live entertainment, content partners, artists and performers. Newtonlab was responsible for the creative concept and development, direction and production.


We invent new ways to bring people together and to achieve seemingly impossible goals.
Content sits at the heart of everything we do, and we create innovative and engaging experiences to deliver it.

PIMCO Investment Summit

“PIMCO Investment Summit” Convention


The communications industry is evolving.
Yet the quality and effectiveness of your message remains paramount.
We rigorously develop new strategies and apply new technologies with one thing in mind: Inspiring your audience.


Newtonlab ha curato gli eventi Separation Day di Hp, in cui è stata comunicata a dealer,
partner e dipendenti la nascita di due nuove aziende dedicate al mondo consumer e corporate.


Effective communication appeals to the heart as well as the head. At Newtonlab we test every creative solution against the strongest rationale: format and content must engage your audience on every level. Knowledge stimulates the mind. Ideas fire the imagination. Together they are the key to unlocking potential. Welcome to the home of Newtonlab.

The integration of our design skills with our business knowledge allows us to gauge the market, understand the brand and tailor solutions to all your needs.

Creativity is at the heart of the production process, skills at the service of understanding, simplicity and emotion underpin our ideas. Our team of young creatives thrive on the latest trends and current events, creating innovative and effective solutions.

Our integrated service delivers a holistic approach with speed, flexibility and competitiveness. Experience ensures our solutions meet your needs, while the overall vision promotes originality and keeps the commonplace at bay.


First we listen, then we think. And then we design and produce communication initiatives to activate, inspire and inform. To the benefit of companies and their customers and staff. It doesn’t matter if they are B2B or B2C events, what matters is that they work.
And that people take away something they can use the very next day.
This philosophy underpins everything we do. And we aim to do it well.



302 – Heritage&Future Product Launch Cliente: Pirelli Autodromo Estoril, Lisbona Aprile 2016